We aren't breeding English Springer Spaniels.
Woodcockrun A Spell On U Too

CallName : Sirius
Sex: Male
Color : Black and White
Date of Birth : February 26th 2009

Sirius has grows in beauty, more than I though.He is now more near of 2 years old.
It's a dog excessively charming, that likes pleasing, to work in obedience, he retrieve very well to the training
In the hunting. He has a good nose and will make a good companion of hunting.
He's a quiet dog in the house but outside he play his role well!


Sirius's Album
Woodcockrun's Fifth Element 

CallName : Leeloo
Sex: Spayed Female
Color : Black and White
Date of  Birth : May 16th 2007
Eyes : CERF Normal as a puppy.

Leeloo is a small bomb of energy, nothing stops her when she is outside. She runs forever and ever. It is lovely girl. Always ready to work and to please, she excels at fields with birds. Very obedient, a good small model of dog.

Woodcockrun Black Magic Spirit
Call name: Faith
Sex: Spayed Female
Color : Black and White
Date of Birth : May 13th 2010

Faith has been adopted by Daniel!

Faith's Album
Woodcockrun Grama's Girl

Callname : Chelsea
Sex: Female
Color : Liver and White
Date of Birth : April 18th 2005
Hips: GOOD

Chaussette! (means sock)

Ah this Chaussette! Always has to turn up the nose somewhere or she has no right! 

Her  sense of smell is her big ally, she likes birds, affectionate as one pleases. She likes ballads in wood, water and company of the children. It is an adorable girl .